CryptoNetsukes(CNETSU): Tokenkuma Collection. The first collection of 10,000 CryptoNetsukes on Ethereum made from digital ivory, bronze and jade based on 17th century Japanese netsuke sculpture art.

Tokenkuma is a mythical creature that is said to have been the obsession of the early crypto traders in 2009. They believed that any human who possesses a likeness of the creature will be bestowed with superhuman abilities to make smart decisions, be lucky, analyze trades and have unrelenting perseverance. 

Legend has it that in 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto awakened from a dream, filled with doubt that Bitcoin and the technology it would inspire might never be successfully developed and deployed. As Satoshi’s eyes closed again, drifting back to sleep, he was visited in a dream by Tokenkuma the CryptoNetsuke. Tokenkuma told Satoshi to persevere in the face of tyranny and chaos and show strength by maintaining inner calm.

Created by – the fine art branch of the Electronic Gold NFT Club.